Vicki's Travels March 2005 to September 03 New York - London - Prague-Paris - Geneva - Dublin

Prague, March 2005, with my oldest friend Lesli Glatter in Old Town Square.Went to visit Les as she is directing a movie of the week in Praque-I went shopping for jewelry.

New York-Feb 2005, Went to see Christo's The Gates and my friend Wendy who worked on the installation.

New York- always fun with NYC Fashion week- at Visionaire party at Md Trusseaus Wax Museum-in Paris- starting my day with a candlelight breakfast with my
dear friend Cyrile Perguay- breakfast with candlelight- the French always begin their day with Joi de Vivre (The Joy of Living) at the Musee de la Cite, at Issey Mikaye's shop buying a pink shirt in the Marias,Paris, on the fast
train Eurostar from London to Paris- at my home away from home (only have 2 homes) and 3 home away from home at the Covent Garden Hotel London with Joseff,
Helle, the managers and Sandro, the head concierge and the Telecom 2003 in Geneva where I saw a ring phone! (your ring is ringing!!)


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