Whatever you decide your life to be, be sure it enriches you, by surround yourself in the highest quality jewels.

Edwardian French Ruby diamond heart pendant 1910

Elephant necklace- Cartier platinum diamond and onyx 1920's elephant

10ct Yellow canary
diamond ring


Diamond and blue enamel ring-belonging to Spanish royal Infanta Isabella of
Spain 1850 with Spanish coronet

1820's Victorian emerald and diamond cluster ring with a central oval emerald
of 4 carats and surrounded by 9 carats of Old European brilliant cut diamonds

A ring with 2 carats diamond cluster around brown diamond of 5 carats which
belonged to The Countess of Kilmoy Ireland

Diamond earrings 1920 top diamond 1.20ct and bottom 1.0 caret

Diamond sprair double clip brooches 1930 set


Antique Diamond necklace in original case 1890 Paris Palais Royale 22 carets of diamonds

Platinum diamond deco 1920's double clip Paris brooch clips

A pair of Victorian diamond pear shaped drop cluster earrings.Silver and
gold mounted with old European cut diamonds of 8 carats total.

A pair of Victorian pear shaped diamond drop earrings consisting of an old
European brilliant cut diamond suspending an old Europena cut pear shaped
diamond silver set and gold mounted with 4 carats of diamonds

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