Sculptural Jewelry

Jill Crawford-my muse and inspiration on Mexican and Modern Jewelry

(on spratling bday years ago)

Oh departed bard of silver, by your birthday we remember your transient Existence in this oft tortured corporeal world yet we celebrate your immortal vision. The poetry of your design flows out to us and transforms our senses with its intoxicating and captivating magic. You discovered the untapped essence and luminosity of this purest of metals and impressed your brilliant vision upon it, breaking through the barriers of time, space and geometry to create your sublime art.

Through your eyes we have witnessed the creation and translation of nature, myth and archetype into exquisite forms of adornment; interpretive designs that have cast your world into a universal language of the utmost beauty. These gifts you have bestowed cannot be diminished by time, or space or centuries past. As we make our pilgrimage into this new millenium, we look back gratefully to the towering shadow of such an extraordinary being.

The power of your vision is permanently embedded in the sinuous surfaces and textures of your silver. Symmetrical and asymmetrical, abstract and realistic, real andsurreal, serious and playful, architectural and sculptural, your forms and creations overwhelm our senses and give us a glimpse into the world you both inhabited and created, as they reconnect us with that mysterious elemental silvery universefrom which we evolved.

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